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Estrellas desde iglú de Selva de Irati


Lodging in the Irati Forest

Discover the Irati Forest from the inside, connect with nature. Spend the night immersed in nature, away from urban areas, with panoramic views of the valley of Aezkoa … an exclusive accommodation in the Irati Forest where you can hear, smell, touch, feel everything it has to offer.
Full moon nights, bird watching, the falling of the leaves, the rutting of the deer and everything you can imagine awaits you in Irati Barnean. Impressive sunsets and skies with millions of stars at night, accompanied by a tasting of local products from Navarra.






The Irati Barnean experience

A "naturally" unforgettable experience.

Irati Barnean is not a hotel, nor an apartment, it is and therefore is not comparable to any of these typologies. Irati Barnean is something more similar to what you can live a mountain refuge, but with all the comforts and with a very careful design.
A mountain refuge, hostel or hut is a building designed to accommodate and protect climbers or hikers from the weather, which is located in mountain areas, usually difficult to access.

It is an experience converted into accommodation where the main idea is that you feel, live, breathe nature in its purest form accompanied by silence and maximum relaxation. In the heart of the Irati Forest and totally away from urban areas we have built 5 igloo-shaped rooms suspended on terraces from where you can enjoy magnificent views and all that nature has to offer.

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What you WILL find in Irati Barnean

What you will NOT find in Irati Barnean

Selva de Irati Navarra

The Irati Forest.

Located in the Eastern Pyrenees of Navarre.

It is the second largest and best preserved beech-fir forest in Europe, after the Black Forest in Germany. An immense green spot of about 17,000 hectares that remains in an almost virgin state.

Located in the eastern Pyrenees of Navarre and surrounded by mountains, it offers endless routes and activities in the Irati Forest. Discover its villages, mountains, rivers, myths and legends, its fauna, its gastronomy…

An environmentally, culturally and socially responsible experience.

We believe in responsible tourism with the environment, cultural and social environment. Irati Barnean combines respect for the environment, harmony with the natural surroundings and the offer of a unique experience, resulting in a differentiated and exclusive service in the heart of the Irati Forest. A responsible tourism with the planet, far from crowds and in direct contact with nature. Our igloos have been built through an innovative modular and ecological building system that adapts to the user, the environment and cold and warm climates.

The materials used in its construction are low impact and minimal gray energy incorporated in its manufacturing process, a passive building and almost zero energy. The insulation and orientation of the structures seek to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. We select km 0 and natural foods, promoting local commerce. We offer different activities in collaboration with local companies, thus supporting employment in rural areas. Responsible companies related to active tourism that, through their activities, train and educate visitors. Attracting quality tourism to a rural area to bring communities closer and make them known without altering their traditions and customs.

Puerta de iglú de Selva de Irati


Booking directly with us on our Official Website

Perro en iglú en Irati Barnean en Selva de Irati

Welcome Pets

Our three independent igloos accept pets. To ensure the rest of all ask owners responsibility and appreciate that within our facilities animals are leashed and controlled. Extra price per pet 10 euros for the whole stay to be added in the extras at the time of booking. Pets are not allowed in the igloo rooms. In this way we avoid possible disturbances to the room that is located in the same building. It must be taken into account that in many occasions within our facilities there are livestock in freedom, so it will be the responsibility of the owner the behavior of the animal.

Full Rental

If you are interested in renting our entire facilities for yoga retreats, meditation, reiki, company meetings, photo shoots, videos, advertisements… please contact us and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

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Travel calmly, without haste and enjoy every detail.

Transportation to the igloos is limited. An unpaved gravel road where you will enjoy magnificent views is part of the experience.

Travel calmly, without haste and enjoy every detail, everything you can imagine awaits you in Irati Barnean.

Important notice: The last two kilometers of access to the igloos is an unpaved gravel track. The track is maintained and in good access conditions so any vehicle, slowly, can go up to the Irati Barnean parking. If you think you may have any impediment or difficulty, please contact us.

«La experiencia Irati Barnean»

Antes de reservar te recomendamos leer nuestro apartado «La experiencia Irati Barnean»