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Lodging in the Irati Forest

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The Irati Forest

Tourist lodging in Irati

An immense green spot of about 17,000 hectares that remains in an almost virgin state. Located in the eastern Pyrenees of Navarre and surrounded by mountains, it offers endless routes and activities. Discover the villages of Navarra, mountains, rivers, myths and legends, its fauna, its gastronomy… On foot, by bicycle or by car. The valley hides places not to be missed such as the Arpea Cave, the old munitions factory, the route of the hórreos, the Urkulu tower, the Irabia reservoir or its many viewpoints of nature.

The Navarrese Pyrenees is located in a strategic place for the observation of bird migration in Europe, take your binoculars and be amazed by the number of birds in the area.

The Irati Forest is the second largest and best preserved beech-fir forest in Europe, after the Black Forest in Germany.

Contrasts of reds, yellows, oranges, ochres, greens, purples... accompanied by sounds such as the falling of the leaves and the rutting: a sensory spectacle caused by the bellows emitted by the male deer during the rut at dusk.

Berrea en Selva de Irati
Selva de Irati Navarra

Enjoy it during the second half of September and the first week of October. Autumn in the Irati Forest, a spectacle of nature.


Chica feliz en Selva de Irati


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest in a privileged environment such as the Irati Forest. Live a unique sensory experience, which in a simple and open way can lead you to connect with the place and with yourself. A route accompanied by a guide certified by an international reference entity in the activity.

It relieves stress, improves sleep and concentration, strengthens the immune system, etc. Share, laugh, live and enjoy nature, do you dare to see what the forest has to offer?

Otoño en la Selva de Irati


Meet the Irati forest by the hand of an experienced biologist.

An outing as a comprehensive interpretation of the environment, where to understand the natural environment in its entirety, addressing all issues that concern the place. Ornithology, mammals, entomology, geography, flora, climatology, geology… using binoculars and telescopes. The guide has binoculars and telescopes to use if necessary.

Paseo en bicicleta en Selva de Irati


Disfruta de un paseo en bicicleta eléctrica, estas bicis nos ayudan a progresar cuesta arriba y nos facilitan el acceso a lugares de montaña. Una buena opción para conocer más en menos tiempo.
Recogida setas en Selva de Irati


Mycological outing where you can learn the basics of mycology. Collect all kinds of mushrooms and mushrooms and then classify them.

The route ends with a tasting menu prepared by a restaurant in the area with the mushrooms that have been collected on the route itself.

Paseo por la nieve en Selva de Irati


A snowshoeing route in which you can learn about the life of the forest through footprints, remains of animal food, droppings…

Build a quinzhee, or emergency snow shelter as the Indians of northwestern America still do.

Pájaro carpintero Selva de Irati


Enjoy an ornithological route accompanied by a local guide specialized in birds of the Pyrenees, pre-Pyrenees and Atlantic forest. A walk where you can observe the most emblematic birds of the Irati Forest.

Noche con estrellas en Selva de Irati


Feel the forest as you have never done before. Get to know its night life with the help of binoculars.

Weather permitting, we will dine by candlelight and see the stars with an astronomical telescope.

Important: It is recommended to attend all activities with comfortable clothes, non-slip shoes and raincoat. Otherwise, if the guide considers it essential, he/she can change and adjust the activity freely.

All activities offered may be conditioned by the weather. Please contact us to check availability.